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Triple Sprint flips traditional triathlon on it’s head: Instead of endurance, and long, boring distances; Triple Sprint is short, fast, and exciting. What’s the most popular event in the Olympics? The 100 M Sprint. When you were a kid, how far did you race your friends? To the end of the block, not 3, 10, or 26 miles. The Triple Sprint 500 consists of a 50 Meter Pool Swim, a 300 Meter Bike Sprint on a straight flat road, and 150 Meter Dash on a Track. Each sport is timed separately, so there is no stumbling through ‘transitions,’ and the clock stops at each of the three finish lines.

The distances are short enough for anyone to challenge their friends and family, yet fast enough to create exciting competition for elite athletes. The fastest sprinters in the world will complete all three events in about one minute, and the first athlete to go under 60 seconds wins the Minute-Breaker Jackpot. The Jackpot grows with each Triple Sprint Race until some one breaks the Minute Barrier.

“But that sounds short, what else is there?” ¬†Every Triple Sprint event includes a Speed and Fitness Expo that provides a fun and social atmosphere for athletes and spectators including food, beverages, and live Club DJ’s spinning the hottest tunes. Check out over 100 vendors displaying the latest suits, bikes, and spikes; sports nutrition, local gyms, and trainers. There’s also mini challenges like, push-ups, pull-ups, vertical leap, standing broad jump, and more for cash and prizes. The race may only last for minutes, but the fun lasts for hours!

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Triple Sprint Promo Video

This is the promo video for Triple Sprint based on the beta event held last year.

Triple Sprint 500 Test Event #2

More up to date details go to:

August 27th 2011 at 3:30pm Most likely to start at the Lewisburg Area Recreation Pool and Finish...