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Triple Sprint

Creator and Current World Record Holder of the Triple Sprint

Visionary Capt. Joel T. Getty O.D. created the Triple Sprint out of love for sprinting and triathlon. Growing up he played soccer, earned his first degree black belt in 1996, and ran the 100 meter and 200 meter in High School and College. After graduating from college, Joel moved to Chicago, a hotbed of triathlon, to start Optometry school. Immediately upon completing his first Super Sprint Triathlon that year he was hooked, and with a lack of track events in the area, triathlon quickly became his major outlet for competition. Over the next 10+ years, Dr. Getty competed in over 20 triathlons including an Age-Group Win in the 2004 USAT MidEast Regional Sprint Championships, Racing at the 2004 USAT Age-Group National Championships, and the 2008 SavageMan Half Iron Triathlon, one of the most grueling triathlons in the world.
But no matter how hard he tried the Captain couldn’t bring himself to love endurance sports, the endless miles of slow training, and the constant sacrifice of his family traveling to and sitting through long boring competitions. Why is it that after college there is almost nothing for sprinters and fast-twitch athletes? A quick web search will turn up countless endurance events from 5k, Half Marathon, to Marathon, Triathlon, and Ironman all within just a short drive of anyone. But search open track meets, and you are lucky to come up with one meet in your state all year long. Triple Sprint seeks to change all that. By giving you, the fast-twitch athlete a fun and exciting race that doesn’t take 20 hours a week of training just to complete it. Spectators will be thrilled to watch the entire race from start to finish without missing a swim stroke, bike pedal, or dashing stride.
Our goal is to team with local race directors to create multiple feeder series that lead up to state and regional championships, followed by a National Championship, and ultimately a Triple Sprint World Championship. With the short and exciting Sprinting format we hope to fuse participant sports with spectator sports and create an easily Televised event that benefits athletes, sponsors, race directors, AND spectators. Because a Triple Sprint Event is so simple for race directors to put on we hope to attract a more diverse athletic, economic, and ethnic participant base with a fun, low-cost race that is easily repeatable and that anyone off the street can complete. Lastly, with the creation of the Minuteman Challenge and Minuteman Jackpot, the Triple Sprint should attract the fastest athletes in the world along with live internet and television broadcasts bringing our exciting sport into homes around the world.

Triple Sprint. Never Hold Back.

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Triple Sprint Promo Video

This is the promo video for Triple Sprint based on the beta event held last year.

Triple Sprint 500 Test Event #2

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