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The rules of Triple Sprint can be boiled down to two things:  Safety and Fairness.  So the goal of any Triple Sprint rule is not to over-regulate the sport with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo junk, but to increase safety, fairness, and encourage innovations in equipment and training to help humans reach the absolute potential of their speed.

  1. The race directors and officials on site will have the authority to make judgement calls as to the fairness and the spirit of the law, not just the letter of the law.
  2. Most rules, when broken, will be enforced by a verbal warning from the officials, a time penalty, or both.
  3. Most athletes, after breaking rules, equipment malfunctions, or other reasons that may cause them to miss or not complete their event during their assigned heat, should be allowed, at the discretion of the officials and Race Directors, to compete in a second chance heat at the conclusion of all regularly scheduled heats.  They may also complete their other events, if any remain.  In this way, all athletes will be fairly timed in all three events, and those who have been accused of breaking rules or assessed time penalties, may appeal the decision afterward.  Video Replay and Photographic evidence may be used to appeal.
  4. Repeated infractions up to three verbal warnings will be cause for immediate disqualification and removal from the race site.

    EVERY ATHLETE WHO PARTICIPATES IN A SANCTIONED TRIPLE SPRINT EVENT AGREES TO ABIDE BY THESE RULES. Claiming ignorance of a rule is not an excuse, and all participants are responsible for knowing the rules.

      General Regulations

      1. Do Unto Other’s, as You Would Have them Do Unto You.  Treat other athletes with respect and you will be respected.
      2. No Foul Language – If you wouldn’t say it to the pope, don’t say it at a Triple Sprint race.  Trash-talking is allowed as long as it is not hateful, personally attacking another athlete, or containing swear words.
      3. No Doping or Illegal Substances – The Triple Sprint officials retain the right to submit athletes to random drug testing for banned substances, performances enhancers, and illegal drugs.  What’s banned?  Click Here.
      4. No Guns, Bombs, Fireworks, Knives, or Other Weapons deemed inappropriate or unnecessary by officials.  Exemptions include:  Pocket Knives of 2″ or less folding blade, Concealed Handguns in the possession of those Licensed to Carry Concealed Weapons in that state, and Law Enforcement Officials.  The rule does not apply where it would contradict local law or venue regulations.  Race Directors may display pyrotechnics with the proper permits.
      5. No Public Nudity.  Private changing areas will be provided.

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