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World Records

Because the Triple Sprint has specific distances that are repeatable and course variability nearly eliminated, World Records are easily established and maintained. Traditional triathlon race courses can differ from location to location, and even from year to year, and there is nothing constant that would allow irrefutable world records.  Traditional triathlon records are only for specific race courses and even those records are arguable depending on the traffic patterns, weather, course changes, and more.  With the creation of Triple Sprint, World Records can now be established within multisport and will create a unity and structure that greatly benefits the athletes and fans.

Because competition swimming pools are constructed in four standard lengths, each design creates a separate World Record with a three letter designation.

  • LCM – Long Course Metric* – 50 Meter Pool – One (1) Length Swum
  • SCM – Short Course Metric – 25 Meter Pool – Two (2) Lengths Swum
  • LCS – Long Course Standard – 50 Yard Pool – One (1) Length Swum
  • SCS – Short Course Standard – 25 Yard Pool – Two (2) Lengths Swum

*Triple Sprint 500 LCM will be the gold standard for National or World Championships and Contention of the MinuteBreaker Challenge.

Current World Records

Men’s Triple Sprint 500 SCS – Joel Getty – 1:14.57 (74.57 sec)

Men’s Masters (Over 50) Triple Sprint 500 SCS – Abe Getty – 1:43.66 (103.66 sec)

Women’s Triple Sprint 500 SCS – Gail Getty – 2:26.47 (143.47 sec)

Girl’s 5 and Under Triple Sprint 250 SCS – Sophia Getty – 2:04.17 (124.17 sec)

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Triple Sprint Promo Video

This is the promo video for Triple Sprint based on the beta event held last year.

Triple Sprint 500 Test Event #2

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